From the time you are born until you reach age 30 your muscles continue to grow larger and stronger. But, starting around the age of 30, you begin to lose muscle mass, up to 3 to 5 percent each decade if you are not active. The medical term for this is sarcopenia with aging. Even […]

”We believe fitness should enhance your life instead of become your life. If you exercise in a way that you actually enjoy, staying fit and strong won’t ever feel like a drag.” Why choose Interactive Fusion Training by FITPRO ACADEMY? A professional personal trainer that you can carry with you anywhere! “Possible?” you ask. Well […]

Our FITPRO Coaches regularly attend fitness related conferences and one of the conference workshop was entitled, “What is the best diet?” by Krista Scott-Dixon, Phd. We give you a summary of this interesting topic. We hope that this article will clear some of your concerns about choosing a sensible diet. Some technical details are included. […]