Online Training.

Online Personal Training (PT)

Regardless of wherever you are and whatever tools you have, our trainers will customised your individual weekly exercise routine and set you on the right track. We cover a wide range of fitness goals, from rehabilitation to sports-specific using our SIT methodology.

Our trainers will be able to pick up every details of your exercise form, implement changes to ensure training efficiency and safety is met, which is as good as training on-site.

Online Small Group Training

Not the typical “LIVE” class catered to the masses, you deserve to enjoy your workout  based on our 3 pillars of fitness, which is scientifically proven and being guided by our trainer throughout your entire training session.

We coach you, watch you, and implement changes when needed to make sure that you are doing things right while having fun!

3 Pillars of Fitness.

Movement & Freedom

Certain exercise programme may cause muscular imbalances, tightness and injuries. Hence, we have formulated our training programme based on human fundamental movements that strengthen your joints, burn calories & improve mobility.

Movement & Freedom also enable our trainers to pick up your current postural issues, muscular imbalance, inflexibility issues and joint problem on the spot and implement corrective solutions to it.

Vigour & Power

A pure strength & plyometric-based workout that emphasize on muscular strength and toning.

It is quite common compensatory muscles are being used in an exercise. Hence, our session includes specific muscle engagement strategies, joint stabilisation, myofascia & triggerpoint release exercises to ensure that you are challenging the correct muscle group!

HIIT Blast

Based on 40:20 principle, HIIT Blast works every muscle group in your body while elevating your heart-rate to burn more calories.

HIIT BLAST will improve your cardiovascular performance while enjoying a variety of fun and interesting movements.In each session, we prepare you to move correctly, challenge you and end with a series of stretching techniques towards the end of the session to achieve homeostasis so you can stay energetic for the entire day.