Personal Training.

Wellness begins at home! Through our SIT methodology, we will show up at your door step to deliver your customized training program.

A program that is as unique as you.

Personal training services provide a convenient way to get one-on-one help with fitness experts.

Our FitPro personal trainers are able to deliver safe and effective workouts and are geared towards improving their clients’ health and wellness.

They not only teach their clients, but provide them with the encouragement and motivation to stick with their programs as to achieve their fitness objectives.

About SIT Methodology

The SIT methodology was developed by a team of fitness experts, physiotherapist, chiropractor and sports masseur. This training methodology has been applied for the past 10 years with incredible & sustainable results from our clients.

This highly versatile & systematic methodology has been proven to help people with a wide range of fitness goals, from rehabilitation, postural improvement, body transformation to even improvements in athletes’ performance regardless of their training environment.

All FPA Trainers are rigorously trained & certified to deliver the SIT methodology, which encompasses a wide scope of fitness specialization such as pilates, yoga, crossfit, functional training and rehabilitation. With this systematic & scientifically proven methodology, FPA trainers are now able to see all of our clients through the same pair of lens and create solutions using the same cognitive approach.

Our Personal Training covers: