Welcome to Fitpro Academy (FPA).

FPA is the fitness trend setter for busy professionals by combining Interactive online training and actual face-to-face coaching, making it the perfect Interactive Fusion!

Our on-site personal training services are based on SIT methodology, which allows consistency and effectiveness of training session regardless of your fitness level or training environment.

Our Services

On-site Personal Training.

Providing premium quality personal training sessions at your convenience, using SIT methodology.

Small Group PT.

Small group pt allows 2-4 members with the same fitness goals and objectives to workout together with our personal trainer.

Academy for personal trainers.

Certification courses & training workshops for continual education for personal trainers

Interactive Fusion.

The perfect combination of both online & offline personalized training solutions

Corporate Fitness.

FPA customised workplace fitness solutions & events including workshops and educational seminars.

Community Programmes.

As part of our community outreach initiatives to empower more individuals to take charge of their fitness, we are actively involved in the public setting.

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