”We believe fitness should enhance your life instead of become your life. If you exercise in a way that you actually enjoy, staying fit and strong won’t ever feel like a drag.”

Why choose Interactive Fusion Training by FITPRO ACADEMY?

A professional personal trainer that you can carry with you anywhere! “Possible?” you ask. Well it is. Our professional fitness coaches at FPA are at your disposal. You might have come across a pre-planned workout videos with no guidance. This is where FPA solves the missing link.  Let us walk you through how FITPRO ACADEMY interactive personal training can benefit you.


Flexible – Our Interactive Training allows you to fit your training around your lifestyle and work schedules. You still have time for personal, family and work obligations.

Anywhere Access – Our Interactive Training is web-based so you can log in from anywhere: home, office or when working remotely. Because you are not tied to a fixed location this reduces the time needed to travel to your gym. And if your work schedules change, you can still carry out your training online.

Anytime Access – Train at your own pace and time. With our Interactive Training you choose the time and pace that suits you best. This makes a significant difference to the bottom line and also frees up personal time.

Cost-effective – With our Interactive Training, Personal Training costs are reduced. Since the largest cost of any training is individual time spent in training, these are the global benefits of online training. But this is where the similarities end when you compare our Academy’s interactive training program vs other online programs in the market out there.

Interactive – One of the best things about our Interactive training is the online community. Our Interactive training allows you to engage with your personal online coach and members that will lead to a richer training experience. You can discuss and share your ideas and share in the experience with others.

Practical and relevant –When you are looking for online training, you should look for an online training platform that is developed by professionals with real-life experience and will provide you with practical training skills to help you reach your fitness goals. FitPro Interactive training platform teaches you the key things you need to know when performing an exercise. It also helps you carry out practical exercises so that you are confident to apply those skills independently.

Expert Support – All our online clients are assigned with a personal FitPro coach. Our well qualified Fitness Professionals will be available help you with any queries. Everyone needs help at times and this one-to-one contact ensures that you are not left in a vacuum where you are unsure about any aspects.

Track Progress – Your training and fitness progress recorded, so that you have the opportunity to go back and review and retrace your training journey. Our interactive training allows your coach to monitor your progress and see where you may need help.

So what’s the bottom line? Look for online training like our FITPRO ACADEMY Interactive training portal that delivers a practical and personalized training and development experience. Our Interactive Training portal are client-centred and done at your own time, place and pace, done within a supportive learning network.

Contact FitPro Academy to find out more about our popular online training program. We are more then happy to share with you how our program can help you.

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