About us.

FitPro Academy (FPA) is a one-stop fitness hub:

  • With its interactive fusion platform (online) that allows our fitness & nutrition experts to provide complete guidance to our members
  • For our personal training clients as a tailored, comprehensive solution for their wellness needs; and
  • For our personal trainers as a continual education hub to receive up-to-date personal training solutions.

At FPA, we do not advocate off the shelf workout programs, rather every client receives an individual assessment in order to understand their bodies and to ensure they train in the most safe and efficient manner for their goals.

All of our personal trainers are certified in Situation Intelligence Training (SIT) which enables them to deliver attainable and approachable health & fitness solutions for their clients.

In addition , our carefully crafted interactive fusion platform (online) produces the same high standard as our on-site personal training.

We only have one life, with one body. Understand it well and move it the right way!

Our Mission

  1. Educate our members to exercise and move efficiently; anytime, anywhere.
  2. Design sustainable, situational and intelligent training for our members
  3. Provide our members with confident personal trainers, certified in SIT methodology
  4. Provide high quality fitness education to all of our personal trainers

Our Vision

  1. We will inspire personal trainers to use SIT methodology
  2. As leaders of home-based personal training, we will expand our knowledge to the world
  3. Providing another source of continual education in the fitness industry
  4. Creating a learning culture to constantly improve our SIT Methodology.
  5. To exceed members’ expectations.